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Friday, 2 November 2012

The Serpent’s Seed: Antiochus Epiphanes

Antiochus the fourth, or Antiochus Epiphanes as he liked to call himself, was an excellent example of the serpent’s seed and their wicked intentions. He descended from two kingdoms (Syria and Greece) that lived in open defiance of God and frankly, hated all He stood for. The depravity with which he unleashed on mankind made it obvious to all, just as Emperor Nero and his destruction of Rome, that he was an uncommon man, to say the least.

This Syrian-Greek pagan was such a force of evil on the Earth that he exalted the doctrine of Lucifer to the Heavens. There were many men who gave themselves for Lucifer to use, but Epiphanes, through his actions, proved he was not only a cohort of the Devil, but his literal SEED.

This series of posts are founded on the biblical principle that Satan, and the other angels who left Heaven with him, mated with human women and produced hybrid children. The first place in the bible where we see this principle discussed is Genesis 6 v 1-4. There are many in the Body of Christ who will tell you this is stretching the truth or altogether false doctrine, but MOST in the Church refuse to study the Word of God. My advise to you is that you should read your Bible yourself!

His Hatred of the True God

This, to me, is the number one evidence of the bloodline of Antiochus the IV. Not just that he began his life as a pagan, but that he ended it with such degradation and blatantly hostile acts toward Ahayah and the people of Israel.

His was such an anti-God policy that the only other man the Bible compares him to is the Anti-Christ! Antiochus Epiphanes acted in ways Alexander the Great , the most notable king from that empire, would have shuddered to see. Why was this hatred of the True and Living God so complete and insatiable? Good question.

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said “If you love me, keep my commandments.”(John 14 v 15) So then we can rightfully conclude that if someone hated Him, they would not keep His Commandments. Well, this Antiochus not only broke all of God’s Commandments, he cast the truth of God to the ground(Daniel 8 v 12) This hatred was no doubt encouraged and expected by the teachers who instructed him and shaped his view of the things of God. The pagan society he represented had, for a thousand years, practiced ways to hate the God of Heaven.

Man, as a whole, has always hated God and His Kingdom. I know this is a bold statement but look at history, and you will see man working with all his might to put off the things of God for pleasure. By the time Antiochus IV arrived on the scene, the way had been paved for his perdition by his predecessors.

Furthermore, his father the Devil also hates God and the People of God, this fact needs no explanation. We have lived in this wicked world controlled by Lucifer and are able to see his loathing of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and their cohorts.

His Desecration of the Temple of God

Suffering under the rule of tyrants for their disobedience, Israel was an impoverished and subdued nation. From Babylon, to Persia, and now Greece, the people of Israel had once again had enough of their current despotic ruler and were in revolt. The whole account is recorded in the Books of the Maccabees.

Antiochus Epiphanes was enraged when he learned of this new revolt in Jerusalem and marched his soldiers on Israel’s capital city so hard his own people called him a madman. He was intending to squash the pride of these rebellious people for once and for all so he attacked the one thing he knew would get their undivided attention, their temple.

Looking to totally break the will of the Jewish people he desecrated their most holy place by offering a swine(pig) on the altar to God, which made it unclean. Some historical accounts say he went as far as spreading the pigs blood and secretions all over the temple.

By the Jews Levitical Law, the temple was now unclean for the worship of Ahayah. There was no louder way he could have announced his stance against God than this. There was not a more clear-cut example of his thoughts concerning the things of God!

His Power Reached Heaven

The Bible, in Daniel 8 verse 10, says something about Antiochus Epiphanes that if it’s understood, will at least blow the

mind of intellectuals who have devoted their lives to the study of God’s Word! Him “casting some of the host and of the stars to the ground.”

In the Book of Revelations chapter 12 verses 4, 7, and 9 the bible teaches that stars are synonymous with angels. The fact that Antiochus Epiphanes was able to be involved with angels falling has to be seriously considered. This fact is also significant because it shows that he is performing the acts of his father the Devil.

Since no man, woman, angel, ect. who loves the Lord would ever operate against the Lord to see His Word, Kingdom, and Will destroyed, the fact that he used his power and influence to operate against God in the highest fashion proves that he is in league with the Devil. The depths he was willing to stoop to in order to oppose the Lord are witness that he is the child of the Devil.

Sure, Lucifer has other children who have left a path of destruction on the Earth, but very few of them have exceeded Antiochus IV in debase activity against the people of God! His perdictive power has been equaled, but will not be exceeded until that wicked one, the anti-christ is revealed, and allowed to exercise his will on the earth.


Hopefully by now you are able to see the principle of the serpent’s seed in the Holy Scriptures and are wise enough to heed it’s warnings. There are many other bible references for the serpent’s seed and I will discuss them in upcoming posts. Whatever you do, trust Yashiya Christ to show you the truth of these things

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