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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Promise2Bless Presents... Hidden ~ the True Size of Africa!!!

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Lord's Prayer {in Hebrew} / GOCC's Daughters of Zion {#HebrewMusic} NYC

Abba Nawa=Father Our
Shabba Shamayam= which is in heaven
Qadash Hayah Sham Ka=holy be name your. 
Ahayah= I AM
Malak Wath Ka= Kingdom your
Rataza wan Ka= Will your 
hayah Isha= be done
ba Arataza= on Earth
Kawa Hayah=as it be
Ba Shamayam= In Heaven
Nathan La nawa=give to us
La chaam Kal Yawam= bread all day
Wa Salak Nawa chaabawath nawa=and forgive our debts of ours
Ka Salak Nawa=as forgive we
Chaabawath ya nawa=debtors our own 
Wa laah thabaah nawa=and not lead us
Ba nasayawan=into temptation.
Abahl Hawashi nawa Man Ri=but deliver us from Evil 
Kaya La Ka Ha Malak wath=for to you the kingdom
wa ha Allah=and the power
wa ha thapaarath=and the Glory
La Iwalam Yam=for ever
wa la Iwalam Yam=and for ever
Ahmen=so be it.