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Saturday, 29 April 2017

My Hebrew Family Children's Book

~This book includes~

Family titles in Hebrew

Our lords prayer in Hebrew

Numbers in Hebrew

The Hebrew Alphabet 

The Ten Commandments

Animals in Hebrew

You can purchase this great children's book from - >Here<

The Negro Rulers of Scotland and the British Isles


Dr. Johnson's work has become vital for readers who seek an understanding of the origin of man, and Africa's contribution to the Bible and natural history. His research has polarized Africa as the birthplace of mankind, whom throughout the ages migrated to the remote regions of the earth.

The author makes emphasis that during the great African migration, the concept of the wheel, mathematics, the alphabet, reading, writing, philosophy, science, astrology, astronomy, fine arts, family hierarchy, bureaucracy (Government), king, queen, dynastic rule, huge universities, great cities and churches, were rudiments brought out of Africa and spread throughout the world; a marvelous accomplishment that led to the Ultra-structure of Western Civilization.

The Christian Moorish converted Pictish King Kenneth the Niger (Black, Dubh, Duff or Duffy), *the great-great-grandson of Kenneth MacAlpin, ruled Scotland from A.D. 962-966. This triumphant King ruled three provinces in the Scottish (Alba) highlands. He was the first son of.... Kenneth’s pure Negro-Moorish blood continued to flow in the veins of Scottish and British rulers. … Kenneth the Niger is the twenty-ninth great-granduncle of Elizabeth II. 

This text highlights the earliest African rulers of Scotland, Southern Ireland and the United Kingdom; a chronicle that focuses upon the Alpin Dynasty from Kenneth MacAlpin and his great-great-grandson Kenneth Dubh (Dub) or Kenneth the Niger (Black, Duff or Duffy), whose descendants of different appearances continued to rule Scotland, England, Ireland and other nations of Europe, even until this day.

The Episcopalian Moorish King James VI/I Stewart, was the son of Henry and Mary Stewart, whose bloodline stretched all the way back to the Pictish-Scottish King Kenneth the Niger. He became King of Scotland in A.D. 1567-1625, following the death of his mother Mary of Scots, and was chosen by his cousin Elizabeth of England to succeed her. This Colored King was the first to unite the British Isles and Scotland which then became....

The name Stewart derived from the Norse word Svart meaning Black.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron: Official Trailer