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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Pat Robertson (famous American preacher) telling you that Christmas is pagan!

Post by Yor'e - EARLY RAIN.

Watch Pat Robertson (famous American preacher) telling you that Christmas is pagan!
Satan is laughing in your face! How he succeeded into keeping the worship to him into Christianity!
If you are not a Roman Catholic...Why do you put up with this paganism? They were the ones who “Christianized” what Yehova calls an ABOMINATION.
If He despises this pagan practices, do you think He is going to like it when you say you do this practices for Him?
This is called MIXED WORSHIP. If you so choose to serve the God of Abraham, do it in the way that HE likes! Not your family, your church or organized religion.
What does He like? Read your bible. Christmas is not there. His appointed times (feasts) are found in Leviticus 23.
Look what Aaron said after making the golden calf at Mt Sinai: “To morrow is a feast to the LORD” Ex 32:5
How you dare say that in front of a golden calf? How you dare talk about Him in front of a Christmas tree?
Deu 12:30 Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou enquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise.
Deu 12:31 Thou shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God: for every abomination to the LORD, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods.
Deu 12:32 What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it.
Jer 10:2 Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen,

In this holidays, I pray Yah will open your eyes...

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