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Friday, 25 November 2011

Put the Pork/Shrimp/Crab/Lobster/Prawns down they are unclean to you!!

It seems logical to me that God would not provide such an elaborate categorization in Leviticus 11 of those animals which are clean vs. unclean unless the distinction had some basis in physical reality. Many of the animals labeled as "unclean" are primarily scavengers. They do not have the kind of multiple digestive system that the cud-chewers do, so the poisons that they consume go directly into their flesh. Only the unclean animals are regular hosts to such parasites as the trichina worm.

Isn't it amazing that almost every cookbook notes that you should always be extra careful to fully cook pork to a well-done state, but they never mention that their unspoken reason is so that you will be sure to kill the trichina worms in their little cysts!

It is an accepted fact that much of the pork in America, even with all our "modern" health precautions, probably contains trichina. Health authorities also warn against eating shell fish at certain times of year because they are poisonous then. They don't bother to mention that the shellfish have the same scavenging habits all year long that causes this problem. Trichinosis and possible poisoning is bad enough, but the unclean animals are host also to much more serious problems for humans. The AIDS virus and other serious diseases may have been spread by humans eating contaminated monkeys and/or other unclean animals.

By abstaining from those animals listed as unclean in the Bible, I am making another statement about the nature of God: I do not believe God is capricious and arbitrary.