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Thursday, 11 April 2013

GOCC - Health Sector - Barack Rapah, Naturally! The natural way to vibrant health, REDISCOVERED!

A wonderful website put together by one of our sisters!
Click on the link and rediscover the fantastic way to look after your body the RIGHT WAY!

I started out in nursing in 1979 and followed the western medical model faithfully. However, I began to question why people were not getting healed. That's why I started nursing right? Since 1982 I have been on a quest to find out the causes of why people were not getting healed of their chronic illnesses. I learned as much as I could about herbs and alternative methods to bring about healing.

I completed a degree in Social Dimensions of Health so that I could get things in perspective to figure out what was going on. I'm a great believer in keeping things as simple as possible without missing the key elements. 

I then went on to complete a course on raw foods and was presented with a level 1 chef certificate. I have found it extremely beneficial to incorporate raw foods into my diet, along with fasting, cleansing, and detoxification. 

One common thread I found with most modalities is that they are not new but have been rediscovered. Herbal medidcine has a long history of usage over 1,000s of years. Western medicine which is mainly mechanistic, does not have the monopoly on health. Western medicine excels in the area of acute illness, primarly Accident & Emergencey but it has a poor track record of dealing with chronic illness. 

I aim to get to the root of the causes of ill health to bring about wholeness and balance to the body. 

As you're probably wondering, Barack Rapah means bless and heal in phoenician hebrew. 


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  2. Greetings Sister. I am in desperate need of some solutions to optimal health. If you could please email me and let me know you received this message?

    Thank You, Dee