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Friday, 11 January 2013

The Forbidden History of the World!!


  1. This is BS from the get go.
    In 500CE, there were no Khazars in “Turkey” because there was no Turkey. Modern Turkey is now in what was the Byzantine Empire. The Turkut or Great Turkic Khaganate did not come into existance until 552CE. There were no Khazars in the written record at that time. It is quite likely that they did not exist as a people/ethnos at that point. The closest one would find were the Hunnic-Savirs, who may be ancestors of the Khazars. But at that point the area was dominated by the Avar Khaganate.
    Khazars were rapists and pillagers? As opposed to the Franks?
    Khazars are not ancestors of Gypsies. Roma/Gypsies come from India. And where was this northern Turkey from whick the Khazars invaded Romania in the 6th century??
    The Slavs of Europe had been paying tribute to the Huns, and then Avars, and then Great Turkut, and then the Gok Turkt, and then the Khazars as successors to the Gok Turkut.
    In 740CE, there were no Eastern Orthodox Christian states north of Khazaria. The Byzantine Empire with which they were allied were to the southwest. The Islamic Caliphate, with whom they had fought 3 wars over 80 of the previous 105 years, was to the south and southeast.

    The Khagan Bek (prime minister, war chief) Bulan and some nobles converted. Most Khazars did not. And the Ashina clan Khagan remained a follower of Tengrist Shamanism, as this was part of the legitimacy of the state as successor to the Gok Turkut, in which the Ashina clan were royals.
    What does Lucifer have to do with this?
    That's the Bullshit in the first 4 minutes.

    Where does the 92% figure come from? There are 13 million Jews in the world, of which less than 9 million are Ashkenazi. Genetic testing and history both show that fw Jews have any Khazar ancestry. And for those of us, like myself, with some Khazar ancestry, what of it? Converts joined the nation of Israel. “My people, your people. My G-d, your G-d” means something. No one speaks of David the Moabite, even though he was descended from Ruth. Moses took Tzippora as his wife.

    At any rate, this delusional ignorant putz is calling all Ashkenazi Jews Luciferians.
    Yiddish is a Germanic language, just like Ladino is Jewish Spanish. There is at most a handful of Turkish loanwords in Yiddish. It is not a Turkic language. The only extant Oghuric or Lir Turkish language is Chuvash, the language of the Volga Tatars/Bulghars.

    Varganian? Does he mean the Varangians of the Kievan Rus?
    1140? There was no Mongol Empire until 1206. Temujin, the Genghis Khan and Khagan of the Mongol Empire, wasn't born for another 20 years!
    There is no evidence of any Khazars settling in Spain.
    That's 8 minutes with virtually no facts. Good grief.
    I'm not wasting time on this pack of lies and no one else should either.

    If you wish to debate Khazar issues with me, please do. Just note my nom de plume

  2. Khazaria is a falsification of history. http://russ-history.blogspot.com/2013/03/khazaria-khazars-jews-this.html