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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Coral Ridge Hour Gay Rights, Special Rights 1994 The “Homosexuals” are Exploiting Children to Achieve Their Goals

Most Black people have no concept of the political goals and aspirations of the homosexualmovement because white-sex (homosexuality and pedophilia) is a taboo topic that we usually try to ignore. “As long as they don’t bother me with it,” is the common way we begin our discussions on the issue. However, when we investigate and explore the political ramifications of this european expression of sexual aggression, we discover that it is having a profound impact on the lives and future of our people.

A major part of the reason that the homosexual agenda is so dangerous to any civilized community is because its core goal is the sexualization of children. Stated plainly, homosexuals intend to make it legal for adults to have sexual contact with children.

In order for us to better understand the phenomena called homosexuality, we must first take a look into european history. This is necessary because the behavior began in europe. It was only through social integration with whites via the Atlantic Slave Trade that we actually began to indulge in homosexuality and pedophilia.

Historical Perspective

The history of homosexuality is documented in Chapter 2 of “War on the Horizon – Black Resistance to the white-sex Assault.”

Chapter 2
The Origin of So-Called “Homosexuality”

“It is assumed without argument that [pederasty/homosexuality] alone is capable of satisfying a man’s highest and noblest aspirations. And the love between man and woman, when spoken of at all, is altogether inferior, a purely physical impulse whose sole object is the procreation of life.”

- plato’s (greek philosopher) symposium

In this chapter, we will approach our study of the white race like psychologists approach studying the psychological profiles of their patients. Psychologists like to know about the childhood of their patients because it gives them critical insight into the person’s social, emotional, and mental development. Historical information on an individual can not only shed light on their behavior as adults, but it can also be used to determine the type of treatment necessary to help the individual. The information can be used to understand and even predict behavioral patterns. And most importantly, the information assists psychologists in determining if the potential exists for the individual to be successfully treated. Depending on the severity of the circumstances surrounding a child’s upbringing and the depth of the impact on the child, there may or may not be potential for helping them adjust their behavior to peacefully coexist and live functionally in a civilized society.

The same reality is true for the development of groups. If one examines the earliest history of a race, one can draw insightful parallels between how they developed and how they currently function in society. This history can also be used to determine the likelihood of them being capable of living harmoniously with the rest of the hueman family. It is imperative that we study the developmental history of the white race for this reason. In doing so, we will find that the psychological background of the white race is a study of severe pathology (sickness). We discover that a sexually deviant culture developed which promoted all forms of sexually sordid misbehavior. And based on their history, we can definitively conclude that whites do not possess the social, emotional, or the mental capacity to peacefully coexist with other groups of people on planet Earth.

whites have left a detailed and thoroughly self-documented history which proves emphatically that so-called “homosexuality” originates with the white race. This history clearly demonstrates that the white race has a predisposition towards sexual aggression, depravity, and violence. Understanding this history is critical because it explains the circumstances that contributed to the psychological underdevelopment of the white race into the death monsters that the world is faced with today.

When we look at the earliest known history of the white race, we find them roaming the caves and hills of europe, struggling for survival in a bitterly cold climate. Their natural environment produced little to nothing in the way of fruits and vegetables. Food and clothing were scarce, and violence was the order of the day. In fact, it was primarily through violence that the european managed to eek out an existence. Whether it was the barbaric murder of a rival klan member to take their food or the murder of a wild Mongolian tur to be eaten on the spot, european survival depended on their ability to conquer, exploit, and kill their rivals on a consistent, sometimes, daily basis. They ate their meat raw and cannibalism was a normal practice. They often munched on the dead bodies of their deceased relatives or rival klan members. It was a “kill or be killed” environment. If the white male was able to kill, he was able to survive. If he was not the predator, he often became the prey.

Under these circumstances, killing became synonymous with survival and victory. Survival and victory became synonymous with bloodshed. whites became so accustomed to killing that they developed a freakish fascination with spilling blood. They ate all of their food (including other whites) raw, and they routinely murdered one another. As a result, blood took on an erotic and almost religious value. They became obsessed with the shedding of blood and acquired a taste for it that they still have to this day. In fact, at this very moment there is a blood thirsty white male about to reward himself with the delightful pleasure of biting into some barely cooked animal as he orders meat from his favorite restaurant “rare.”

The relationship between the white male and the white female was a fascinating one; though by Afrikan standards it was sadistic and totally dysfunctional. The white female was the playground and sexual toilet for the european male. Her role was to watch the children while her male counterpart went out to hunt for food and to sexually please the adult white male at his discretion. She was never looked upon as having valuable input into any other phase of european existence. He resented the fact that he had to hunt for food while she waited in the cave expecting him to feed her. To a large degree, the european male viewed the white female as a liability.

The european male was the embodiment of aggression and anxiety. He spent most of his time hunting for food, eeking out a survival for himself and his family. He could spend weeks hunting unsuccessfully for food. When he returned to his cave empty handed, he was furious. After all, he had a female and a child(ren) expecting him to feed them and he could not even feed himself. His circumstances coupled with his nature made him prone to extreme fits of uncontrollable rage, often resulting in serious injury or death for the female and/or their offspring. There were only two things that could quell this fury: a kill or sexual gratification.

Over time, the white male developed a dichotomous feeling towards sex. On the one hand, it made him feel good. On the other hand, it produced mouths that he could not feed. It was under these circumstances that the european cultivated his intensely misogynistic (woman-hating) character. He loved the feeling that sex gave him, but he hated the result. This left the white female in a precarious position. She had to provide sexual gratification to the white male without producing more children. The birth of another child might be enough to push him over the edge and kill her. This is where the white female began to develop her sexually perverse appetite. She began to master the arts of anal and oral sex. She began to urinate and defecate on her male counterpart to give him sexual gratification. This was her way of surviving in the extremely intense and explosive environment of the european male’s “home.” Sex became a survival “game.” She indulged in all imaginable forms of sexual deviancy and often invented new ones. This included having intercourse with dogs and other animals. When there was only one female in the family, she acted as the sexual play toy for all of the males in the family. This could include her father and her sons. As a result of thousands of years under these sub-hueman conditions, the white female developed into the unconscionable whore she is today.

The white male discovered through experimentation that if he only indulged in anal and oral sex with the white female, he would not produce a child. He discovered that he could also duplicate these types of sexual misbehavior with white males of all ages without producing children. Further experimentation proved that he could have vaginal sex with little girls before puberty and animals and still produce no children. This is how the european male became such a severe sexual deviant. He was able to satisfy his desire to feel good sexually without producing more mouths that he could not feed. He found multiple means to fulfill these desires, including sex with females and males of all ages, inanimate objects, and even animals. The following passage by Joyce E. Salisbury from The Beast Within demonstrates the european’s sexual desire for animals.

Jonas Liliequist has made a study of seventeenth-century trial records for bestiality in Sweden[...] It seems that young boys who spent a good deal of time herding animals (particularly cattle in this case) treated bestial intercourse as a game. They taught each other the techniques; they performed the activity in groups as well as individually. As Liliequist notes, “It was a boy’s game sometimes growing into a man’s habit.” In studying twentieth-century American life, Alfred Kinsey calculated that 40 to 50 percent of all farm boys experienced some sort of sexual animal contact. (Salisbury 84)

The simple reprimand that in spite of strict Eastern conciliar legislation, the Greek church never feared bestial intercourse as much as the West. It seemed no more disruptive to society and the marriage bond than other sexual alternatives [...] (Salisbury 88 – 89)

As evidenced by this passage, european sexual deviance has not improved since ancient times.

During the earliest history of the white race, we also find that weaker white males often prostituted themselves, their females, or their offspring out to stronger males from other klans in order to feed themselves and their families. This is where male prostitution began. In fact, prostitution is probably the white world’s earliest profession.

The severe misogyny (hatred for females) that developed during the earliest years of european history are prevalent in the world today. white males have always hated white females. At the very least, the way they treat white females exemplifies hatred from an Afrikan perspective. This hatred for women, and white females in particular, is evident in their horror movies. In many of these films, white females are the constant victims of brutal murders mostly committed by white males. whites make box office hits with plots that center around the sexual assault and murder of their own females. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Psycho,Halloween, Dressed to Kill, are just a few films that fit this story line. In the past, it occurred in the caves and hills of europe; today, it is shown on the big screen. Fundamentally, not much has changed.

During their prehistoric development in the caves and hills of europe, whites had no concept of right or wrong, good or evil. They had no concept of love or happiness. They had no concept of respect for others. They had no concept of honesty, loyalty, or honor. They had no concept of laughter. They knew nothing of bathing or properly grooming themselves. They had no medicine and no formal language system. They had no understanding of science, art, spirituality, or religion. In fact, they had no God concept whatsoever. Walter Williams expresses this well in The Historical Origin of Christianity:

Before the Greeks and Romans, who are one and the same, entered Egypt, they had no God, Goddess or gods. Nor did they have an alphabet. They were instead an agnostic, physical, psychopathic, illiterate, uncivilized European race of people who were not in-tune with the spiritual rhythm of the universe. (Williams 73)

In short, they had no moral or ethical code to live by. They simply murdered, raped, and killed on a routine basis to survive in their environment.

This is both sick and perverse in the minds of healthy thinking Afrikan people. It almost seems impossible for a group to interact in this manner. But we must remember that the european had no moral or ethical standards by which to live. In fact, they were not even aware that such a thing existed. Their death style was normal for them. And as inhuemane, barbaric, savage and brutal as this type of lifestyle (deathstyle) was and is, it makes since that it came out of the sordid psyche of the white race. They have lived on a barbaric level since they have been on planet Earth and have no alternative moral foundation upon which to build. The european was yesterday, what the european is today, what the european will always be – a barbaric race of sub-huemans whose inherent disposition is the destruction of all life.

It must be clearly stated here that “homosexuality” is merely a byproduct of the traditional freakishness of the white race. whites have always viewed sex much differently than other peoples of the world. The earliest developmental stages of the white race produced a race of melanin deficient beings who have two driving forces that compel them to act: sex and aggression. From the Library of Congress Exhibition on Sigmund Freud, Conflict Freud & Culture, Section Two, The Individual: Therapy and Theory, Sexuality and Aggression website, the author writes:

Enter Death and Aggression – In his book Beyond the Pleasure Principle, written in the aftermath of World War I, Freud speculated that there existed death drives in conflict with sex drives. This opposition, he thought, could explain much about the fundamental forces shaping individuals and societies, while also pointing toward explanations for their self-destructive and outwardly aggressive behavior. (par. 14)

sigmund freud was a “nut,” by Black psychological standards, but he did study the minds of europeans. Therefore, his examination and insight into the mind of his own race is worth evaluating. He indicates that there are two basic motivating forces that drive europeans – sex and death (aggression/violence). He goes on to explain that these forces are in conflict with one another. Sex is the natural way in which life is produced. Death is the natural way life is eliminated. If these two factors are the driving forces in the minds of the white race, whites are in constant emotional and psychological conflict with themselves and every living thing with which they come in contact. This means that they will have two basic ways to relate to other living things – they will either rape them or kill them. This paradigm perfectly fits the european’s historical encounters with other living things. Here are some examples:

•The Maafa is the worst example of hueman suffering the world has ever witnessed. The Atlantic slave trade was the heart and soul of the Maafa. It captures the sheer agony and depth of torture that Afrikan people have endured over the centuries. When we break the slave trade down to its core elements, we find rape (sex) and murder (death, aggression, violence) at the core. whites raped and murdered Black men. whites raped and murdered Black women. And whites raped and murdered Black children. Hundreds of millions of Black people were raped and murdered by white death monsters in unprovoked acts of war.

•whites are the only group on the planet that routinely make a game of traveling the world and murdering off entire species of animals. The bald eagle was one of the most admired birds in north amerikkka prior to the european’s arrival. After being in this hemisphere for a brief period of time, whites made the bald eagle an “endangered species.” They hunted and killed bald eagles for “sport.” They did the same thing to the buffalo. Between 1865 and 1890, the whites in the united states decreased the number of buffalos from over 50 million to less than 1,000. (500 Nations) The annihilation of entire species, hueman and animal, are what whites call “sport.”

•The white race is the first race on the planet to create a nuclear bomb. The only practical use for this weapon is the mass destruction of life: including people, plants, animals, water supply, vegetation, and so on. They are also the only race to have used it on another race.

•Child rape is a staple of white invasion and white culture all over the world. Historically, whites have been the major perpetrators of child rape. Even in white countries that have legally outlawed child rape, the penalty for doing it often amounts to no more than a slap on the wrist. This morbid abuse of children is central to the theme of white existence. Look at the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, NAMBLA (The North American Man-Boy Love Association), and so forth. They are established and respected institutions in the white world and are well known to be supporters and participants in child rape. Furthermore, it is a well-documented fact that the greeks and romans used to encourage the mating of young white males with older white male sexual “mentors.” In some cases, pedophiles have even been known to kill their child victims after raping them. This is consistent with our their theme of sex and aggression. Today, european nations like sweden, holland, and denmark, are known for their heavy distribution of child pornography. The history of child sexual abuse in the white race is extensive and worthy of a book of its own.

These examples establish a pattern of psychopathic misbehavior by the white race that has two major themes at its core – sex (rape) and aggression (death, violence). As we dig deeper into the pathology of the white mind and this phenomenon we call “homosexuality,” “sex and aggression” will prove to be a recurring theme.

It is important for us to understand that “homosexuality” is not a characteristic of some whites, but rather an established cultural norm of the white race as a whole. As far as we know, white-sex is as old as the white race itself. whites credit the greeks with beginning western civilization because they were one of the earliest groups of whites to document their history. greek culture was synonymous with white-sex (sexual perversion), including child molestation, bestiality, and so-called “homosexuality.” The website The World History of Male Love, Male Love in Ancient Greece provides insight into the sexual nature of the ancient greeks:

•The term “homosexuality” as it is used and understood today is not applicable to Greek antiquity for two reasons: […] most Greeks were bisexual [...] andmale love in Greece was love between a man and a [male] youth. (par. 3)

•However, the relationship that was characteristic of the Greek way of life, accepted or even regarded as a social duty by the state, was intergenerational love. In its ideal form this bond was between a man (called the erastes [lover] in Athens, or the “inspirer” in Sparta) and an adolescent [boy] youth (called the eromenos [beloved], or the “hearer”, respectively). (par. 4)

In today’s world, we often view “homosexuality” as a consensual sexual relationship between two adults. But when we examine the true history, we find that it is actually synonymous with child molestation. This is important because it dispels the myth that “homosexuals” are no more likely to molest children than normal hueman beings. By the strict historical interpretation of the practice, “homosexuality” is child molestation by definition.

•The greek male was expected not only to marry and raise children, but also to be available for friendship and love with worthy youths, not to the exclusion of marriage but as its necessary complement. (par. 6)

•That a man should be attracted both to lovely women and to beardless youths was seen as natural and normal [...] However, young males were considered the fair sex par excellence; the greek ideal of beauty was embodied by the young man, a fact evident in all of greek literature and art from first beginnings to last examples. (par.

As evidenced by these passages, the greeks never saw a cultural conflict between marriage, “homosexuality,” and child molestation. Though many whites pay lip service today by expressing their dissatisfaction at the sexual violation of children, their history clearly demonstrates that it is an integral part of their culture. The molesting of adolescent boys was considered the “necessary complement” to marriage, making it spiritual in the minds and hearts of white males. Imagine a world where child molestation was considered necessary and even spiritual.

•But when a beautiful boy from a good family cannot find a lover, it is a shame to him, because the reason for it must be his character. The boys preferred forabduction are especially honored [...] (par. 14)

Here we see europeans beginning the process of blaming children for their own violation, commonly referred to as “blaming the victim.” greeks created a culture in which white children were trained to accept the sexual advances of grown males as a natural course of their existence. The concept of sexually violating a child appears foreign to ancient greeks. It is as if they believed that children, particularly young white males, were made for the express purpose of satisfying the sexual desires of older white males. In this way, “homosexuality” and child molestation have become so deeply ingrained in white culture, that they cannot be segregated from any facet of european life. white-sex is a fundamental part of the european’s nature and can be found in every aspect of their existence – including religion.

•All Greeks were familiar with the tales that told of Zeus [their supreme God] descending as an eagle to carry off Ganymede, the most beautiful boy on earth, to be his lover on Mount Olympus [...] (par. 7)

It is interesting to note that after whites adopted their original “God” concept from Afrikan people, the first thing they did was attribute european cultural and sexual values to him. The supreme “god” of the greeks (zeus) descended on planet Earth to abduct a young white male named ganymede for his sexual pleasures on Mt. Olympus. Obviously, greeks imagined heaven as a place where adult males could have their way sexually with the young white males of their choice.

If this is not a proper ground for the indictment of the entire ethical and moral character of the white race, then there is none. How can we as Afrikan people accept any religion from a group whose god kidnaps and rapes little boys? As ugly as it sounds, our acceptance of white religion helps explain our affection towards Black entertainers that rape little boys today and then come back into our community for support. It explains why our women and daughters pack stadiums by the tens of thousands to celebrate grown Black males who rape and urinate on little Black girls and sing about white-sex. We love these race-traitoring freaks, just as we love white religion and white culture. Then we go to church on Sunday and ask God to forgive us for our sins. The entire scenario is sick and it is killing us!

Let us continue to uncover the history of “homosexuality” by examining the book, From Sappho to De Sade: Moments in the History of Sexuality by Jab Bremmer. The author writes inChapter 1 – Greek Pederasty and Modern Homosexuality that homosexuality and lesbianism are “a recent phenomenon.” In fact, these terms by their current definition did not exist before the later half of the nineteenth century. What we now refer to as “homosexuality” was called “greek love” or “Socratic love.” In ancient greece, homosexual relationships called “pederasty” were between adult males and adolescent boys (Bremmer 1). We also find within this text a report of a cretan initiation ritual by ephorus, a fourth century greek historian, which details a pederastic affair:

They have a peculiar custom regarding love affairs, for they win the objects of their love, not by persuasion, but by capture [harpagei]; the lover tells the friends of the boy three or four days beforehand that he is going to make the capture; but for the friends to conceal the boy, or not to let him go forth by the appointed road, is indeed a most disgraceful thing, a confession, as it were, that the boy is unworthy of having such a lover. When they meet, if the abductor is the boy’s equal or superior in rank and other respects, the friends pursue him and lay hold of him, though only in a very gentle way, thus satisfying the custom [to nomimon]; afterwards they cheerfully turn the boy over to him and allow him to lead him away. If, however, the abductor is unworthy, they take the boy away from him. And the pursuit does not end until the boy is taken to the house [andreion] of his abductor. They regard as a worthy object of love not the boy who is exceptionally handsome, but the boy who is exceptionally manly and decorous. After giving presents to the boy, the abductor takes him away to any place in the country he wishes; and those who are present at the capture follow behind them and after feasting and hunting with them for two months (for it is not permitted to detain the boy for a longer time), they return to the city. The boy is released after receiving as presents a military habit, an ox, and a drinking cup (these are gifts required by law, nomon), and other things so numerous and costly that the friends, on account of the number of expenses, make contributions thereto. Now the boy sacrifices the ox to Zeus and gives a feast for those who returned with him. Then he makes known the facts about his intimacy with his lover, whether, perchance, it has pleased him or not, the law [nomou] allowing him at the time of his capture, he might be able at this feast to avenge himself and be rid of the lover. It is disgraceful for those who are handsome in appearance and also are descendants of illustrious ancestors to fail to obtain lovers. (Bremmer 3– 4)

Bremmer helps us to understand that the pederastic relationship was in essence a rites of passage for the greek male. As far as the greeks were concerned, this relationship made “the boy into a real man” and “offered him access to the world of the social elite” (Bremmer 11).

european history clearly demonstrates the simultaneous origin of child molestation and “homosexuality” as a cultural practice of the white race. The overwhelming amount of historical documentation would make a believer out of the most skeptical Black readers. “Homosexuality” and child molestation are one in the same thing and have been from the very beginning.

It is clear that so-called “homosexuality” was not the exception in greece, but rather, it was the norm. All of their art and literature is replete with references to it. The greeks are recognized by most whites as the earliest representatives of white “civilization” and white “culture.” But as evidenced by their sexual deviance and freakish misbehavior, they were neither civilized nor cultured. They were a barbaric race of sub-huemans whose inherent disposition was the destruction of all life. Like many whites who came after them, they forcefully introduced their freakish, faggit-like ways on every group with whom they came in contact.

roman history offers more documented proof of the sexual perversion of the white race. Paul Veyne in Chapter 3 – Homosexuality in Ancient Rome from his book Western Sexuality, details homosexual misbehavior in the roman (white) anti-culture. Veyne explains that when referred to in ancient roman literature, the love of boys and women were interchangeable. He writes, “the one was the same as the other, and what one thought of one went for the other as well” (Veyne 26). Veyne goes on to cite various roman and greek texts that overflow with references to this type of sexual deviance:

Catullus boasts of his prowess, and Cicero celebrates the kisses he plucks from the lips of his slave-secretary. According to taste some chose women, some boys, some both. Virgil preferred boys only, the Emperor Claudius women. Horace repeatedly tells us he adores both [...] (Veyne 28)

Veyne, in his study of greek and roman sexual perversion finds that the evidence speaks to the “unnatural character of human sexuality” (Veyne 28). Of course to the conscious Afrikan, this type of perversion has nothing to do with hueman sexuality. It is strictly european perversion.

Veyne’s research also supports the fact that sex and aggression were major components of roman cultural behavior. He does an excellent job describing the romans’ view of so-called “homosexuality.” Veyne points out more than once that the romans did not see a conflict between strong “manhood” and “homosexual” misbehavior. To the romans, the most important thing was to be the aggressor. As long as the male was the one doing the penetrating, he was considered “manly” – regardless of the sex of the victim. In rome, raping a victim represented the pentacle of white male bravado:

The Fasti Praenestini, the 25 April in the roman calendar, was the festival of the male prostitutes [...] This is the world of heroic bravado, with a very Mediterranean flavor, where the important thing is to be the ravisher, never mind the sex of the victim. The same principles ruled in Greece [...] If the master was so oversexed that his girl slaves were not enough, he had to ravish the boys [...]; [...] a world in which one’s behavior was judged not by one’s preference for girls or boys, but by whether one played an active or a passive role. To be active was to be male, whatever the sex of the compliant partner. To take one’s pleasure was virile, to accept it servile [...] The passive homosexual was not rejected for his homosexuality but for his passivity, a very serious moral, or rather political infirmity. Children were of no great importance, as long as adults did not allow themselves to be used for their pleasure and confined themselves to taking it from them. (Veyne 28 – 30)

The individual being penetrated (the victim) was looked down upon. Here we see the romans adopting the attitudes of their greek ancestors as they further developed the practice of blaming the victims of crimes as opposed to punishing the perpetrators. In white culture, being vulnerable to attack by another is a crime. Therefore, females, children, and weaker males were looked down upon because they were unable to put off the sexual advances from stronger white males.

This pattern of european savagery is consistent throughout history. Wherever whites go, they rape the people they find and thereby create entirely new sets of social problems for their victims to deal with. In many ways, rape and white power are inseparable in the european’s mind. Mwalimu Baruti confirms this fact in Homosexuality and the Effeminization of Afrikan Males:

The sodomic [anal] rape of conquered men and boys was as characteristic of europeans as was the vaginal and sodomic rape of women and girls. In fact, the reputation of some countries in this practice is renowned. “The French always raped men first” after victory. (Baruti 116)

We find this same type of pathology pervasive in the united states prison system today. Weaker males are looked upon as prey. And the predators do not view themselves as “homosexuals” even though they indulge in white-sex. They view themselves as masculine because they are able to inflict sexual abuse on others. Many of our brothers are involved in this sick cycle of abuse, and they have no idea that they are abandoning their Blackness and adopting the european’s sexually perverse ways.

At this juncture, one point must be made clear – the majority of what we have covered about greece and rome is whites describing the history and psychological make-up of whites. They are speaking strictly about ancient white culture and european sexual misbehavior. Their demented perspective of sex must never be translated into the overwhelming feeling of the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants; nor must Black people allow ourselves to fall into the trap of accepting such deviance.

Let us take another moment to examine the theme of “sex and aggression.” whites feel as though there is something “manly” and “macho” about raping or violating other men, women, and/or children. This is part of their cultural norm. It dates back to the days of the earliest white-sex practices. whites view sex as a physical act of aggression rather than an experience shared between a man and a woman. Hence, their rules of engagement are totally outside of the Afrikan worldview.

whites did not, do not, will not, and cannot have an innate moral or ethical foundation as a race. It is not part of their genetic structure. They operate out of their inherent instinct to conquer, exploit, and kill anything that crosses their path. Consequently, it would be impossible for them to ethically confine sex to a consensual practice between adult males and adult females for any significant period of time. whites view sex as an act of aggression devoid of any spiritual or moral significance. It is a competitive sport. Sometimes their sports involve them feeding people to lions. Sometimes their sports involve them hunting and killing entire species of animals for fun. Often their sports involves them beating, raping and sexually molesting other living entities. No matter how we choose to explain it, whites view killing and raping as sports designed to satisfy their thirst for destruction. This is why the greeks and romans viewed rape as a strong masculine characteristic, regardless of the sex (or species) of the victim. whites view sex no different than they view any other form of aggression. One is either the aggressor or the aggressee. Most find it thrilling to be the aggressor and interesting from time to time to play the aggressee. Others prefer to play the aggressee on a regular basis.

The history of the white race has decisively established them as deviants. They operate in a sexual zone of their own, where there are no rules, guidelines, restrictions, covenants orhuemane principals attached. They simply do whatever feels good to them. Since they are death monsters, sexual acts that cannot produce life are often their favorite forms of enjoyment.

If they were on a planet by themselves, this would not cause such a problem. They would simply kill one another off until there were no more caucasions in existence. But this world has many different people and the white race has created starvation, ignorance, rape, hatred, death, havoc and misery throughout the world. In particular, they have managed to subjugate the entire Black Race under white rule. And as long as there is white rule over Black people, there will be child molestation, rape, and “homosexuality” among the Black Race.

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